Q. How can good accounting help my business?

Good accounting can each month, create a profit and loss statement that you can establish your position quickly. If you are losing money, you can make changes in your operations, such as increasing prices or reducing expenses. To correct the situation long before the years end and ensure that your overall year will still be profitable.

Q. How can you help us in setting up business?

We can help you make the right decisions right from the start, advice you on the formation of company, whether sole trader, partnership or limited company. Advice you on all those time consuming tasks like tax implications, personal liability, cash flow etc. we know the pros and cons of each of these and will be able to advise and assist.

Q. How can you help me keep records to satisfy HM Revenue and customs?

Businesses need to submit accounts to HM Revenue and customs, all limited companies and limited liability partnerships also have to file annual accounts with the registrar of companies which follow specific guidelines. We will be able to assist and advice you because we know which records you are required to keep, and we can help to keep them properly and ensure that they are filed with the relevant authorities at the right time.

Q. How can you assist me with planning for profit?

We have the experience to examine your business ideas and evaluate profit potential, we can also assist you by working on your break even analysis and budgets which can be used to set realistic financial target, which can then help you plan ahead and compare forecast figures with actual results.

Q. How can you help me with my tax returns?

Another major headache for companies is handling deadlines of their tax returns; because we are specialist in this field we can assist you with this in a very quick and professional manner and help you submit them promptly.

Q. How can we help with raising finance for your firm?

When in search of a bank overdraft or loan or any type of government aid for your business, you will need to present a persuasive portrait of your business’s financial conditions and future prospects. We can help because we know what information is required and how it should be presented to have the best possible chance of success.

Q: Will you work with our accountants?

Yes, we liaise with the appointed accountant and also make sure that all government deadlines are achieved on time, e.g. tax returns, vat returns and payments.

Q: Can you look after my account outside our office?

Yes, with our developed and fully tested virtual accounts, we can undertake all bookkeeping transactions at our premises. We collect or you can email and/or post all relevant accounts information and our telephone number and office address will be distributed to their suppliers and customers for queries and paperwork to be sent to us. Should customers or suppliers have accounts-related queries they can contact us directly. In other words, we will act as your 'external' accounts department.


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